2 Air Handler Problems That Can Drain Or Impair Your HVAC Refrigerant

Posted on: 19 October 2016

The air handler inside your furnace acts as the interior portion of your central air conditioning system. The air handler contains the parts that actually cool the air that travels into your home. That cooling process relies on a chemical fuel called refrigerant. If the parts malfunction and drain or impair the refrigerant, your system will become less efficient and then cease functioning. Here are a couple of air handler problems that can interfere with your HVAC refrigerant.
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3 Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Septic System During a Party

Posted on: 24 August 2016

When planning for an upcoming party, you have probably thought about seemingly everything, from food to decorations. One thing that you probably haven't put much—if any—thought into is your septic system, but you should know that hosting a big event at your home can actually have an effect on your septic system. To avoid expensive and messy problems on the day of your big party, follow these three tips. 1. Prevent Parking and Driving Over Your Septic Tank
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Constantly Fighting Hair In The Shower Drain? 3 Tips To Help Deal With It

Posted on: 3 August 2016

If you have thick, long hair, chances are that your shower drain is getting clogged much more frequently than what most people deal with. Those long hairs eventually get tangled into a ball, which causes them to get trapped inside the drain and make a big clog. Once that hair is trapped in there, you won't be able to use water to flush it out. It's not ideal to use a wire coat hanger or plumber to fix it every time it occurs, so it is best to take steps to prevent the hair from building up to begin with.
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Essential Steps For Protecting Your Hot Water Heater

Posted on: 26 July 2016

Hot water heaters are an essential appliance for a modern home. Hot water is used in a large variety of applications and it is simply too inconvenient to heat water manually. However, hot water heaters can be safety hazards if the right precautions are not followed. Size The Vents Properly The vents need to be the same diameter as the draft diverter of the tank. Whenever the vent passes through a wall or roof, it will need to be double-walled.
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