From Homestead To Hamburger Stand: How A Plumber Can Help Turn Your RV Into A Food Truck

Posted on: 19 April 2016

If you are interested in opening up a food truck, you will be looking for a truck that is clean and comfortable for employees and customers. The cost of the food and license for a year is likely to be much lower than the cost of a brand new food truck. Food trucks themselves can run in the upper tens of thousands of dollars. One way you can create a food truck for less is to utilize an RV. Used RVs can be found for a much less expensive price than completed food trucks, but they can be gutted easily to provide even more space than the typical food truck. An RV, or recreational vehicle, will give you more options for plumbing, cooking, and storing items in comfort. Here are some ways that you and your plumber can turn a cheap RV into a food truck. 

Install a larger refrigerator

Smaller RVs will typically have smaller appliances. Even if you have an RV that can hold many people, the refrigerator is still likely to be smaller than what you will need to hold the food and preparation items that you will need to refrigerate. Your plumber can help you install a larger, kitchen style refrigerator and make sure the hoses match the appropriate sizes. 

Create a sink, grill, and oven prep area

Ovens and grills will need to be changed out of the RV so that they are of professional kitchen quality. Depending on the type of stand you are running, you may need several ovens and you may need a stove with at last 6 burners. After gutting the RV aside from the restroom facilities and the drivers and passengers seat, you will have plenty of square footage to work with. Install the sink, grill, and oven on the same side. This will allow you to make food on one side of the truck and hand food to customers without risking you, the customer, or your clothing getting burned during the transaction. Your plumber can help you hook up the necessary hot, cold, and gray water lines to the sink for appropriate water flow and disposal. 

Revamp restroom facilities

One of the best things about converting an RV rather than buying a food truck is that you are likely to have better bathroom facilities. If you already have a bathroom facility inside of your RV, ask for your plumber to update the plumbing lines and the water flow from the shower head prior to opening your food truck for business. Having bathroom facilities for you and your workers means that you won't have to find a place to stop for restroom breaks. Employees will also enjoy the added bonus of being able to wash off before heading home. Since being inside of a food truck puts you in close quarters with food all day, being able to wash off after dealing with onions and particular spices can increase worker satisfaction.

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