What Could Be Causing Your Toilet To Leak?

Posted on: 3 May 2016

There's water coming from your toilet and you have no idea why. Some water looks clean, but you may also be experiencing more than just a water leak; it could be sewage. Before you can even start fixing the leak, you need to know where it's coming from and why it's happening. Here are the most common reasons for a leaky toilet and how to spot them.

The Seal Is Broken

A broken seal is very common, and may be an issue because the seal wasn't installed correctly in the first place. The main way is by seeing water appearing around the floor where your toilet sits. There is a bad seal around the area, and you need to fix it immediately. Luckily, this is something you can do if you are a DIY person.

You will need to go purchase a new wax ring, lift up the toilet and remove it, and then clean the old wax ring seal off of the floor. You then place the new seal and put the toilet back down on the floor. The wax seal is messy and can be a bit hard to work with, but it's a job you can do in one afternoon.

The Toilet Sweats

The toilet sweating means that there is condensation forming on the outside of the tank. It usually falls to the floor, and is commonly due to the temperature between the tank and the bathroom. The toilet tank water is usually cold, and if your bathroom gets excessively hot, the toilet can start to sweat because of it.

This can happen any time of the year, but is most common during the summer. You can get valves that prevent sweating placed if it becomes a common problem, but otherwise you don't have to worry about it.

A Problem Within the Tank

If the water is not coming from outside the tank, it is possible that it is coming from inside. This is usually the case when there is a crack in the bowl or a problem with a joint within the system. You can check for this by adding some food coloring to your tank water. Watch for that color to appear outside the tank and where it appears from to know exactly where the issue is.

If the crack is within the tank itself, you will need to replace the whole part. If the leak is due to a seal crack or a piping issue, you can usually just replace this small element.

Leaking water from the toilet is not fun and certainly not hygienic. There are various reasons for it to happen, and it could be something as simple as the toilet sweating during the warmer weather. However, look out for more serious issues, like the tank cracking, and get the problems fixed as soon as possible to avoid health risks and flooding problems to the home.

For more information, talk to a plumber about a water leak detection system.


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