About Renting Portable Toilets For A Sporting Event

Posted on: 4 May 2016

Have you found the perfect rural area to host a sporting event but there is no access to restrooms? You can obtain as many restrooms as needed if you invest in portable toilet rentals that can be used by the attendees of the sporting event. Take a look at the list in this article to gain more insight about portable toilets rentals for a sporting event.

1. Attendees Might Stay Longer

When you are hosting a sporting event that has no restrooms available for the attendees, some of them might decide to leave early in order to relieve themselves. If you intend on having a concession stand for refreshments and drinks at the event, the drinks can lead to the guests needing a restroom even more. You can have the portable toilets set up near the concession stand so the attendees will know that they are available. The portable toilets will come in handy for the people playing in the sporting event as well. You don't want any of the players not being able to put their all into the game because they are unable to relieve themselves.

2. Portable Toilets Are Sanitary

If you don't thing portable toilets are ideal because they are not sanitary enough, you should understand that they are just as safe as the toilets in conventional restrooms. Portable toilet water is treated with a biocide that is able to eliminate bacterial growth. The biocide is also mixed with a blue dye for masking the look of waste in the toilet, as well as a fragrance to mask odors. You also have the option of renting portable toilets that can be flushed just like conventional toilets. Some of the portable toilets are even equipped with areas for washing hands.

3. You Won't Have to Remove Waste

You will not have to worry about removing the accumulated waste from the portable toilets because the rental company will remove the waste when they pick the toilets up. However, waste can also be removed before the toilets are picked up by the rental company if it becomes necessary. A powerful pump will be used for removing the waste from the inside of the toilets. If you opt for portable toilets that can be flushed, the rental company will have to pump the waste out of a tank. Reserve a few portable toilets for your sporting event as soon as possible to make sure that they will be available. For more information, check with companies like B & B Drain Tech Inc.


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