3 Reasons To Call A Plumber For Clogged Drains

Posted on: 17 May 2016

Drain problems can be one of the most annoying and disgusting plumbing issues that you can deal with as a homeowner, mostly because of the various problems that slowly-draining or clogged drains can cause. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to call a plumber to handle clogged drains for you.

Plant Roots

One of the hardest clogs to deal with is one that is occurring outside your home in your sewage line. The reasons for this are that the pipes are often a bit difficult to get to and that the clog can often consist of plant roots. This happens because plant roots will naturally seek out the nutrients in your sewer pipe, which can result in a pipe that is completely filled with plant roots.

A plumber should be hired to deal with this, as the plant roots will take a lot of work to remove. The process will typically include digging up the sewer pipe and either replacing it entirely or boring the plant roots out of the pipe, sealing the holes, and putting the pipe back into place.

Deep Obstructions

You will want to call a plumber for a stubborn drain that refuses to clear up even after using drain cleaners or a plunger. The reason for this stubbornness can be a result of an obstruction that is located deep enough in your drain pipe network that the cleaners or plungers cannot reach.

In that situation, the plumber can actually use drain snakes and other tools to reach the clog. If that fails, the plumber can then try to take apart the pipe network a piece at a time until the clog is located and removed, which can often be a time-consuming and complicated task that is typically beyond the abilities of the average homeowner to do on his or her own.

Pipe Damage

Finally, a plumber is a good choice for dealing with clogged drains, as he or she will be able to help you avoid damaging your pipes while you are trying to clean them. One way that he or she will do this is by only using the proper tools or techniques for the type of pipe that is clogged. This is important as using the wrong kinds of chemicals or the wrong tools could cause the pipe to degrade or break entirely. 

In addition, a plumber will be very careful to not exert too much force when attempting to reach the obstruction in your pipes, as some pipes are actually quite fragile. It is not uncommon for people attempting to do plumbing and drain work on their own to push or twist too hard and end up with a shattered or otherwise damaged pipe.

Contact a plumber today in order to discuss how he or she can help you diagnose and resolve your clogged drain issues. A plumber should be hired for drain issues, as he or she can deal with plant roots clogging your pipes and deep obstructions while also preventing damage to your pipes. Visit http://www.twomenandasnake.com to learn more.  


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