Tankless Hot Water Heater Not Making Hot Water? Check These 2 Things

Posted on: 23 May 2016

A tankless hot water heater is appealing to modern homeowners because it saves money by only heating the water that you need. Unfortunately, these appliances are susceptible to breaking down, just like any other appliance in your home. If your hot water is no longer getting hot, there are some things you can do to diagnose the issue.

Inspect The Unit's Power Source And Water Supply

You may be used to a traditional hot water heater that holds the water it has already heated. In the event of a power failure, you still have hot water that you can use in your home until it runs out or the water cools down. Tankless models will require a power source to heat the water instantly.

Check the appliance's standby light to see if it is on. If not, then you have some sort of power issue related to the appliance. Check the circuit breakers to verify that the circuit it is on did not trip, and verify that the appliance is connected to the power source. If those two things check out, you most likely need to have the tankless hot water heater repaired to get it running again.

When the appliance's standby light is on but the water is not hot, there could be a problem with the water supply. If it is the winter, check your water lines to verify that a pipe has not frozen. This is likely to happen if a pipe is on an exterior wall and exposed to colder temperatures.

Inspect The Unit's Burner

Gas-powered tankless hot water heaters will have a flame sensor and pilot light. The sensor is what looks for the ignited pilot light, which will only allow gas to pass through if it senses that the burner is lit. A sensor that is dirty could be causing the unit to not turn on the gas to heat the water. You may also have a pilot light that is faulty, causing it to repeatedly go out and cut off the gas that heats the hot water.

If you do not feel comfortable performing this type of troubleshooting on your own, be sure to contact a local water heater service like StateWide Mechanical II Inc. in your area. They can take a closer look at the unit and find out what could be causing it to not heat your hot water when you need it. 


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