Plumbing Services That Help Explain Extra Spigots In Your Basement And How To Address Them

Posted on: 28 May 2016

If you purchased a really old home, it may take you a while to notice that you have several extra spigots in your basement. Some may even be awkwardly placed. Without knowing what these spigots are for or even if you really need them, you might want to call a plumber to have them checked out. Here are some of the services your plumber can provide with regards to your extra spigots in the basement.

Identifying the Purpose of the Spigots

Old basements, especially those belonging to farmhouses that have long since been converted to city houses, tend to have extra spigots in the basement for two reasons. One, the farmers and farm hands would come in from the fields and head into the basement to rinse off dirt and manure before heading upstairs to the main house to eat. Two, the basement is what is more commonly referred to as "the butcher's basement."

A butcher's basement often contains a couple of large washtub sinks, floor drains and several spigots for good water flow because this is where animals might be butchered or dismembered on hot summer days. Here, the butcher could avoid flies and other potential problems for the meat. Because this was below ground, it was also cooler than the air outside and it would help prevent rapid rotting. The sinks, floor drains and extra spigots were for washing tools and meat, and rinsing away unpleasantness. Once your plumber has identified which basement you have, then you can decide what to do with the extra spigots.

What to Do with the Extra Spigots

If you have a shower, toilet and extra spigots close by (as is the case in an old farmhouse), then you may wish to have a plumber and a contractor finish the bathroom so that it is a commpletely usable, second bathroom. (Having a backup bathroom comes in handy, especially if you have teenagers in the house.) If you still have extra spigots beyond the two you choose to use as sink connections for your basement bathroom, you could just keep them as curiosities.


If the extra spigots just seem to be hanging around, they all dispense cold water and they do not really serve any purpose, the plumber can actually remove them entirely and dummy up the pipe ends. This may also solve a secondary problem of water pressure in your home, since the water will not be traveling the full length of these pipes to spigots you are not using. 

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