Top Reasons To Choose Portable Toilets For Entertaining Summer Guests

Posted on: 1 June 2016

Are you planning a summer gathering or cookout? If so, portable toilets could make your event go more smoothly. Perhaps you are like many other people who associate portable toilets with construction sites or business events that are held outdoors. The following points will help you better understand the benefits of using them for your private functions.

Septic System Protection

If your at-home event is going to have several invitees, it could possibly take a toll on your home's septic system. Imagine the extra impact on your septic system as it tries to handle excess waste, which could result in clogging issues. Even if you normally take special measures to control what goes down your indoor toilets, it is possible that some of your guests may flush something that should not be flushed. For example, paper towels, baby wipes, and feminine hygiene items should not be flushed, but your guests might still flush them.

Less Indoor Traffic

Allowing your guests to enter your home during your event could mean that there is more to clean afterwards. Dirty footprints and paper trash are examples of things that could be contained by hosting the majority of your event outdoors and ensuring that guests have outdoor access to restrooms and other hygiene-related materials. You can even enhance your experience by requesting portable sinks and soap to complement portable toilets and hand sanitizer. 

More Entertaining Space

One of the best things about hosting your event outdoors is that you will likely have more room to entertain. This means that you could invite more people to enjoy your special day. You can also incorporate a bar area and wide-screen televisions for your guests to enjoy. Keep in mind that having a bar available to your guests might mean that more people need to use the restroom. You can plan for this by ensuring you have enough portable toilets and sanitary amenities available. This is a calculation that can be performed by a portable toilets provider.

A portable toilets provider is also the best resource to use to ensure that you get toilets with features that are most appropriate and convenient for your event. For example, the outside temperature is something that you will not have much control over, and you might find it beneficial to have units with fans to circulate warm and humid air. You may also benefit from having at least one handicap accessible unit available to accommodate guests who have mobility issues. These more spacious units are also ideal for parents of small children because some of them are equipped with diaper changing tables. For additional info, speak with a portable toilet rental company in your area.


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