How To Clean Your Jetted Bathtub

Posted on: 6 June 2016

Nothing is more relaxing to most people after a hard or stressful day than soaking in a luxurious jetted tub full of hot water. However, it is a good idea to be sure that tub of dreams is clean, and no unwanted items are floating in the tub with you. Not only would it be disgusting for a clump of 'gunk' to pass over your space, but it is also unhealthy. Here are some pointers to consider for your dream tub.

Stubborn Stains

The stubborn stains are called biofilm and may take more powerful products to clean the tub. These bacteria-rich formations form naturally in warm water environments like your tub jets. Diseases including MRSA can be present if not treated with the correct sanitizer.

The Cleaning Process

You want to be sure your jetted bathtub is healthy and clean but at the same time, you don't want to damage the components by using the wrong products. It is recommended to use the following procedure:

  • Use the hottest water available (140℉ is advised).
  • Run the water at least 2 inches above the highest jet.
  • Add 4 Tablespoons to ¼ cup disinfectant (a low-foam is suggested).
  • Add ½ cup of bleach (optional). Some manufacturers believe 20 ounces is also a good guideline.
  • Turn off the air induction feature.
  • For ten to fifteen minutes, run the water jets.
  • Drain and fill with cold water.
  • For ten to fifteen minutes, run the whirlpool.
  • Drain and it is ready to go.

If you don't have time for the longer procedure, other experts have advised using a quick drop of dishwasher detergent to the tub. If you have a stubborn stain on the jets, you could use an old toothbrush to remove the stain. Simply run it through for a few minutes and empty the tub.

Other Factors

The amount of cleaning products and procedures may vary depending on the hardness of the water in your home. You may notice a white crusty deposit in the tub caused by mineral deposits, lime scale, or hard water deposits. You might need to do it more than once.

Maintaining a regular scheduled maintenance plan can prevent the harmful buildups in your jetted bathtub. Your family depends on you for a healthy environment, and that includes a sanitized tub. With the use of these tips, you should be able to soak and enjoy your jets any time you need to release those stress hormones. For more information, contact a company like A & L Plumbing.


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