AC Letting You Down? 3 Signs It Might Need Repair Or Replacement

Posted on: 14 July 2016

Summer is finally in full swing. The days are heating up and your AC is cooling down the house. For the most part. If your air conditioner isn't holding up to its end of the agreement – you turn it on and it keeps your house cool – it might be time to take a long look at the relationship. Here are three signs that your air conditioner has a problem that needs looking at.

AC Runs Non-Stop

If your air conditioner seems like it's been running for hours, non-stop, you might have a problem. Take a look at your thermostat. If it shows that your home has reached to designated temperature, but your air conditioner is still running, there are a couple of problems you could be looking at. Those are low Freon and dirty coils.


If you can't remember the last time you had the Freon levels checked, you might want to top the levels off. Freon can be purchased at any home improvement store. Once the Freon levels are back where they should be, your AC should keep you cool again.

Dirty Coils

Take a look at the exterior of your air conditioning unit. The coils that wrap around the unit should be clean. Dirty coils can prevent air from flowing through the air conditioning unit. When that happens, your air conditioner will need to work harder to keep you cool.  If you see thick dirt deposits, you'll need to clean them with your garden hose. Simply attach a high pressure nozzle to your hose and spray the coils until the water runs clear.

It's Developed a Noise Problem

If your once silent air conditioner has suddenly developed a loud hum or knocking sound, you should have it inspected by an AC technician like those at Doctor Fix-It. Unusual sounds may be a sign that you have loose wires, faulty components, or a damaged blower unit. These sounds may indicate that your air conditioner is on its last legs.

Your Cooling Bills Are Going Up

If your cooling bills have suddenly hit the roof, it might not be the fault of rising utility costs. If utility costs have not increased in your area, you should have your air conditioner inspected. You might be wasting energy on an outdated air conditioner.

If your air conditioner is no longer living up to your standards, it might be time to have it looked at. To keep your AC in peak operating condition, you should have it serviced at least once a year. If you're experiencing any of the symptoms described here, be sure to contact your HVAC technician as soon as possible. 


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