Constantly Fighting Hair In The Shower Drain? 3 Tips To Help Deal With It

Posted on: 3 August 2016

If you have thick, long hair, chances are that your shower drain is getting clogged much more frequently than what most people deal with. Those long hairs eventually get tangled into a ball, which causes them to get trapped inside the drain and make a big clog. Once that hair is trapped in there, you won't be able to use water to flush it out. It's not ideal to use a wire coat hanger or plumber to fix it every time it occurs, so it is best to take steps to prevent the hair from building up to begin with.

Brush Before Showering

The average person can lose as many as 150 hair strands in a single day. While most hair will fall out gradually, it can easily stay in your hair due to hair products that you are using. When you get in the shower and wash our these hair products, those loose hairs then come out and go directly down your shower drain.

Try brushing your hair before getting into the shower, collecting as many loose hairs as you possibly can.

Use A Shower Strainer

It will be a good investment to buy a shower strainer that fits in you drain. They are fairly inexpensive, with most only costing a couple of dollars, and simple enough to install that anybody can do it. The typical strainer rests in a shower drain, though there are other models that attach with screws or suction cups. Even an old nylon stocking can work great as a strainer, working similarly to the lint trap on your washing machine that catches lint before it goes into the utility sink.

Emptying this strainer regularly will be much easier than cleaning out the drain once the hair gets inside it.

Perform Preventative Drain Cleaning

A common mistake people make is to wait until a clog has built up to clean out the hair that has collected in the pipe. Make it a habit to clean out your drains regularly, such as once a week, to get rid of that hair before it gets worse. You can use a small handheld sewer snake that has a Velcro pad on it to stick to all the hair in the drain while it is loose and easy to remove.

If you do end up with a clog that you just can't get out of the drain, you'll need to contact a local plumber like ATA's Plumbing to help remove it for you.


Diagnosing Plumbing Issues

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